GeoTours Guides Project

GEO-TOURS GUIDES - Enhancement Of Tour Guides And Agents Competences On Geological Tours And Brand Building.

Logo GouTours GuidesThe preliminary needs analysis conducted by the partnership outlined the main mission of the project: to enhance the digital capacity of tour guides and travel agents while providing expertise in geological-themed tours. In this context, the project aims to develop a new hybrid training package targeted towards tour guides, tour guide students, and tourism agencies interested in acquiring skills in Geo-tourism and developing their Geo-tour brand. The training package will provide skills related to online branding of their tours, including digital, marketing, and networking skills, along with an online textbook dedicated to specific geological routes and related theoretical information. The training package and accompanying e-Guidebook will both be available as open educational resources on the project's e-learning platform.

The project objectives are:

  • 1. Designing a new training package for tour guides, tour guide students, and tourism agencies to acquire skills in geological-themed tours.
  • 2. Developing branding skills for the target groups (e.g., digital and social media marketing, general digital skills, networking, etc.) to transition from theory to commercialization.
  • 3. Strengthening and expanding the geological skills of the target group beyond their basic training/education.
  • 4. Enhancing the tour portfolio of the target groups with quality and unique tours based on current customer preferences for nature-based tourism.

The partners of Mediterranean Pearls ETS are: ESCE (France), STOWARZYSZENIE KACZAWSKIE (Poland), STANDO LTD (Cyprus), ZAVOD TOVARNA TRAJNOSTNEGA TURIZMA (Slovenia), and I.S.D.I. (Malta).

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