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  • Zero-pollution tourism

    On the occasion of World Bicycle Day (June 3rd, 2021) and EU Green Week, Mediterranean Pearls with the scientific contribution of the National Research Council (CNR) - Institute for Studies on the...
  • Meeting with Raffaele Di Marcello

    Second appointment with the "Go Slow" series for SIMTUR's "Future Talks", Tuesday, April 13 at 6 pm, with Debora Sanna and Alessio Scarale from the scientific secretariat of the DMO Mediterranean...
  • Bio&slow lifestyle in Sardinia

    Organic farming is a driving force for sustainable development. To confirm the validity of the decision to promote the establishment of the BioSlow District of Sardinia comes also the decision of...
  • Happy Easter from ENI CBC MED

    Here we are, we are those of the ENI CBC MED Mediterranean community and we wish you beautiful Easter days. We met for the first time in 2019, in our beautiful European capitals, under the guidance...
  • Meeting with Patrizio Prandi of Alpine Pearls

    First appointment with "Go Slow" series for the "Future Talks" Wednesday 30 March at 18:00, with Debora Sanna and Alessio Scarale of DMO Mediterranean Pearls. Meeting with Patrizio Prandi,...
  • The 111 secrets of the churches of Rome

    On the web TV"Future talks", a new live streaming appointment for the "Orizzonti" cycle, in collaboration with our partner SIMTUR - Società Italiana Professionisti Mobilità e Turismo sostenibile...


As announced, the call for tenders for the creation of Slow Tourism Products will be launched in the coming weeks in the Pilot Areas SABINA REATINA AND ETNA VALLE DELL'ALCANTARA.
The Mediterranean as an innovative, integral and unique destination for Slow Tourism initiatives
PROJECT MED PEARLS financed by the ENI CBC MED Programme.

UPDATE MARCH 2ND 2021: Due to further checks deemed necessary by the Managing Authority on some technical aspects of the call, the launch is temporarily postponed. Further updates as soon as possible.

The Med Pearls project

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Med Pearls is a cross-border project that aims to internationally position the Mediterranean as an integral destination of quality and excellence for Slow Tourism, by accelerating innovative initiatives built from public & private cooperation. Slow Tourism invites travellers to tourism at a reduced pace, one that is sustainable and responsible, and to discover new destinations while respecting them and having direct contact with local communities. READ MORE
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