About us

Mediterranean Pearls is an agency for the coordinated management of all the elements that make up a Destination (attractions, access, marketing, human resources, image and prices). It adopts a strategic approach to connect very different entities to each other for better Destination Management. Mediterranean Pearls, created on a precise cross-border added value, supports the development of business, promoting the creation of commercial alliances in order to improve the economy, the quality and the range of services for experiential tourism.

Mediterranean Pearls was born in order to promote tourist destinations in the Italian and foreign Mediterranean basin that focus on sustainable and eco-compatible tourism.
Mediterranean Pearls wants to promote ecological tourism in the sea, hill, river and lake areas, relying mainly on ecological mobility.

Mediterranean Pearls is inspired by the philosophy of sustainable tourism promoted by Alpine Pearls, the well-known international cross-border cooperation based in Austria, privileged partner and support for know-how and best practices.

The social objectives of Mediterranean Pearls are:

  • Promoting paths and greenways with a positive impact on society to create recreational and transport opportunities within communities, influencing their economy and development.
  • Creating new opportunities for non-motorized outdoor activities, improving the quality of the environment and life in the city.
  • Stimulating forms of meeting, involvement and networking between citizens, companies, professional associations and universities for research and training on soft, intermodal, capillary and flexible mobility.
  • Promoting slow landscape. Entering "gently" in the places where the historical - cultural matrices manage to merge with the single person.
  • Organizing round tables on relations between railways and landscape, between disused tracks and their eco-landscape potential.
  • Promoting sustainable travel styles from an environmental and economic point of view.

Mediterranean Pearls aims to promote for each location:

  • Stays that promote health and fitness, from wellness options to slow sporting activities: hiking, walking and cycling, light trekking, nordic walking, horse riding.
  • Discovery stays: photo-tourism, birdwatching, orienteering, environmental education.
  • Stays in places capable of guaranteeing relaxation and rest.
  • Excursions and walks to find direct contact with nature (mountain biking, horseback riding).
  • River navigation, sailing and boating.
  • Customized stays for families with children.
  • Themed active stays, combining the "nature" offer with elements such as catering linked to local tradition or self-production, short supply chain, organic and seasonal food, promotion of purchasing groups and visits to villages and small cities of art.
  • Hospitality in "alberghi diffusi", farmhouses, B&Bs, cycle hotels.

The goal is to unite multiple territories that know how to "welcome" and where it is perceived by the guest:

  • The quality of the territory to be enjoyed in soft mobility (on foot, by bicycle, by train, on horseback).
  • Eco mobility services: public transport, promotion of concrete sustainable mobility policies and projects (car-sharing, bike-sharing, car-pooling, integrated public transport, piedibus, choice of alternative fuels to oil).
  • The quality of services and their accessibility (accessible tourism).
  • The respect of the eco-sustainability parameters by the accommodation facilities and in the management of the territory by public bodies.
  • The respect for culture, traditions, history of local populations (Responsible Tourism).
  • The protection of natural, landscape, historical and architectural values.

Mediterranean Pearls follows the Sustainable Tourism guidelines articulated in the 1995 Lanzarote World Conference on Surstainable Tourism. Tourism should be:

  • Environmentally-sustainable in the long run.
  • Economically affordable.
  • Ethically and socially equitable.

The guidelines of any single area will therefore have to be aimed at three objectives:

  • Minimizing environmental damages (in the short and long run).
  • Maximizing positive economic impact.
  • Maximizing guest satisfaction

Sustainable development is a managed process based on the careful administration of resources on a global scale, in order to ensure their profitability while saving our cultural and environmental capital. It has the function of promoting the integration of the services offered by operators who operate within the local tourism supply chain, in order to contribute to the definition of a tourism product that is as unitary as possible. To this end, it promotes initiatives aimed at stimulating collaboration between local tourism operators and tourism brokerage firms.

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